Reconditioned Carts Explained

What is a Reconditioned/Rebuilt Cart?

When purchasing a reconditioned golf cart from All-Star Custom Carts, you are purchasing a “like new” cart. Reconditioned golf carts come from a fleet and are then sold to golf cart dealers, after their lease is up. We then “recondition” these carts and customize them to our customer’s preferences. They are stripped down to the frame and then rebuilt with new bodies, paint, custom marine grade seats, batteries, wheels/tires, etc. All of this resulting in a “like new” cart but at a much lower price point.

Why Buy Reconditioned vs a New Cart?

  1. You get a “like new“ fully custom cart at a much lower price point.
  2. Reconditioned carts are highly customizable to match your personal preferences and we can add any accessories that you choose.
  3. Because these carts are made in the USA OEM and after-market parts are usually readily available and easy to come by.
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